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Giroflex G10 Seat Stool - Chair Dinkum

Giroflex G10 Seat Stool

GiroFlex 10 The innovative GiroFlex 10 sit-stand stool brings a new healthy dynamic to sitting. Because the iconic and colourful object is not just something for the eye but also for...
Trillo Pro - Chair Dinkum

Giroflex Trillo Pro

TrilloPro TrilloPro is a chair for everyone. Simple but not boring. This is our answer to the need for modern offices that are beginning to become a game board - action, continuous movement, changing places,...
Giroflex G313 Swivel Armchair - Chair Dinkum

Giroflex G313 Swivel Armchair

Swivel chair The giroflex 313 is ready for action. This comfortable chair automatically adjusts to accommodate its users, perfect when several employees share the same workstation. The proven giroflex form...

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